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The firm of Contninuum Technology EOOD. has international operations in the field of filter technology. We develop, plan and produce installations for cleaning air in all branches of industry. In recent years we have established ourselves as a competent, flexible and reliable partner in this segment - consistently expanding our range of products from small, efficient dust extractors to large filter installations. By means of optimised separator processes we ensure maximum on-the-job safety, clean inhaled air as well as operational dependability and environmental protection.

As a firm we develop, in close cooperation with our customers, efficient, individual and cost-effective solutions of the highest quality standard. Our innovative filter technologies and systematic system development lead to optimum separation results.

The particular strength of our company lies in the short production lead times as well as the competitive prices. As an east European manufacturer we endeavour to pass part of the price advantage which arises as a result of the lower labour costs on to our customers.

You simply cannot go wrong with our products! When it comes to performance, quality and price, they are always the right choice.



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